Street Fighter V Guide: How To Unlock Story Costumes And Alternative Colors

Street Fighter V has a variety of story costumes and alternative colors for each of the costumes. These costumes have to be unlocked through various means in the game, including doing some challenges or completing the story mode of each characters.

There are three type of obtainable costumes in Street Fighter V. One is the Story costume that can be unlocked by finishing the story of each of the character. Since the game has 16 fighters in total, these costumes will require the player to finish the story with all 16 of these characters. Although these costumes are still not available for the players and they will have to wait until the official in-game shop is launched in the upcoming March content update so that they can purchase them.

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To purchase the story costumes, players will have to gather 40k Fight Money through various means in the game. You can refer to our guide here to see how to earn Fight Money easily. Once you have 40k Fight Money and have unlocked the Story costumes in the game, you will be able to purchase them this March when the Shop goes live for 40k Fight Money.

The second type of costumes are simply alternative colors and they can be unlocked by beating the Survival challenges on Easy, Normal and Hard with each of the characters. Here is the breakdown of the alternative colors along with the fight requirements for each of the difficulty in Survival.

  • Easy – 10 Fights (Alternative Color#3)
  • Normal – 30 Fights (Alternative Color#4-6)
  • Hard – 50 Fights (Alternative Color #7-10)

The last type of costumes are called Premium Costumes and they can only be purchased through real money. Capcom hasn’t shared these costumes yet but it is safe to say that they will be available to Season Pass owners, or for those who buy them as separate DLC. They can’t be bought through Fight Money.

Street Fighter V is out now on the PC and PS4.

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