Street Fighter V: Here’s A List Of Ports To Forward To Improve Matchmaking

Capcom has shared a new update on the status of Street Fighter V. They have also listed some ports that players can forward in order to improve matchmaking in the game.

If you have bought Street Fighter V at launch and are still facing trouble with getting online matches through matchmaking in the game, you should be able to hopefully resolve this issue by forwarding the ports given by Capcom.

Street Fighter V

In order to improve matchmaking, you need to get the following ports open on your router.

For those of you who are having issues connecting to our servers, Capcom Japan has released another tip that may help some users. We wanted to share that with you today.

They recommend checking and seeing if these remote ports are allowed on your router and PC as it could help with logging into our servers.

  • TCP: 80, 443, 20002, 30840, 30850, 30870

  • UDP: 30840-30859, 30870-30879

In addition to giving these ports, Capcom has also listed the issues that they have fixed recently along with a set of known issues that haven’t been fixed yet.

Current Fixes

We have also made a few additional fixes on the server side recently.

  • An issue where some users could not be found in Rival Search is now resolved.

  • Fixed an issue with players being disconnected immediately after creating a Battle Lounge.

Additional Known Issues

Here are a few other issues we are aware of and are working to resolve.

  • Users with “-“ and “_” in their Fighter ID can’t be searched.

  • If you get disconnected while making a Fighter ID, your Fighter ID will be either your PSN or Steam ID.

  • Fighter Profile data is currently not populating with information. This will come at a later date.

Street Fighter V is available now for the PS4 and PC.

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