Street Fighter V’s New Update To Permanently Fix Rage Quitting Issues

Capcom has announced plans to release a brand new update for Street Fighter V in April that will permanently fix the rage quitting issue for the game.

When Street Fighter V originally launched on PS4 and PC, it was plagued by rage quitters who quit the game when they are close to losing out, in order to stop their world ranking and league points from dropping. This issue resulted in a lot of frustration for the genuine users who worked hard to beat them only to face a connection error message just as they were about to win the match.

street-fighter-v-alex (9)

Capcom has finally decided to permanently fix this issue after trying a temporary solution which required the players to report the rage quitters, which could then face punishment from Capcom.

Hopefully this update will finally stop people from rage quitting due to fear of punishment. Capcom will release this update this month so keep an eye out for the upcoming patch that might implement it.

Street Fighter V is available now for the PS4 and PC. It was developed and published by Capcom.

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