Street Fighter V producer tells fans on Xbox One to save up for a PS4

Street Fighter V producer, Yoshinori Ono, has asked fans of the fighting game series who only play on an Xbox One to start saving up for a PS4. According to Ono, Sony’s current generation console is at an attractive price point of $300, and there’s plenty of time between now and the game’s release next year in February for fans to get a hold of one.

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Speaking in an interview with Gamespot, Ono explained that Fight Money can be can earned by completing daily goals, such as getting five wins in ranked mode, or successfully executing 30 special moves. The system is designed to encourage players to remain engaged with the game on a regular basis, as opposed to having them grind for hours and hours in order to unlock rewards.

The SFV producer also assured that all of the technical issues related to the game’s troubled beta have been identified and will be taken care of prior to its launch in Feburary next year. Ono is grateful to fans who have provided valuable feedback by participating in the beta.

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To a question regarding the inclusion of fan favorite Skullomania in Street Fighter 5, Ono explained that there are several issues involved in bringing over characters from the EX Street Fighter games. He compared the process to be as challenging as bringing over a character from a completely different game. Though, he didn’t completely rule out the possibility.

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