Street Fighter V sales cross 1.4 million units across PS4 and PC

street fighter v

PS4 and PC exclusive beat em’ up Street Fighter V has crossed 1.4 million units sold according to a statement released by the game’s publisher Capcom.

The sales so far make Street Fighter V the publisher’s 45th highest selling game so far. The game is still fairly early into its life and could certainly sell more.

The game however failed to hit Capcom’s sales target where back in January it aimed to hit 2 million units sold by the end of their fiscal year which comes in on March 31.

street fighter v

Previous Street Fighter games have higher sales across their lifetimes but SFV could certainly cross them. For comparison, Street Fighter IV sold over 3.4 million units across the PS3 and Xbox 360 and its updated release, Super Street Fighter IV, sold 1.9 million units.

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