Street Fighter V Update Version 2.05 Is Out Now; Adds New Playable Fighters

Capcom has released a brand new update today that adds the latest batch of new characters to the game. These are Sagat and G, one of which is a recurring character from the previous games while the other is a brand new addition to the Street Fighter universe.

In case you haven’t played Street Fighter V in a while, make sure that you are ready to download the update, which is huge in size compared to most of the modern patches. Street Fighter V usually requires its users to download a huge chunk of data again because of the way the game is packaged and installed on the hardware, and this is true for this new update as well.

The total combined update size so far is more than 20 GB but for this new patch, you will be required to download under 15 GB on the PS4 and a little over 16 GB on PC. As absurd as this download size might look now, there is some good news as well. This update will finally bring back Sagat as a playable fighter along with president G.

If you don’t have Season Pass 3 for them, you can get these individually with 100,000 fight money each, or pay $5.99 for the individual character DLC in order to unlock them in the game. They are also a part of the Season Pass 3 that can be bought for $29.99.

Street Fighter V is available now on the PC and PS4. It recently received an Arcade Edition that also launched with a Season Pass 3.

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