Stunning Looking Killzone Shadow Fall Direct-Feed Panoramic Shots Show Truly Next Gen Visuals

Killzone Shadow Fall is always touted as being the front runner in graphics for both next generation consoles. Thanks to one particular user on NeoGAF, we have got our hands on some truly stunning looks screenshots of the game, which are composed of multiple shots, stitched in one full panorama.

NeoGAF user HolyFridge took these stunning shots from the game. According to him, most of his panoramic shots compose of as much as 30+ screenshots of the game. He stitches them all together to create one giant panorama, and as can be seen, they look truly spectacular; they also highlight the beauty and work done by Guerrilla Games for Killzone Shadow Fall. You can check these out below.

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Killzone Shadow Fall is a PS4 exclusive shooter that was developed by Guerrilla Games. It was a launch title for the PlayStation 4. As can be seen above, it has some truly beautiful next generation visuals and art style. Imagine what will happen to the visuals of PS4 exclusives, once developers began to master the hardware.

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