More Stunning screenshots of Witcher 3 revealed

CD Projekt Red rose to prominence after the huge success of Witcher 2. Its successor, Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt is still quite far from a complete product and it is without doubt one of the games which many people are eagerly waiting for. Today, the developers just gave us another reason why this might be one of the best games of 2014.

The developers just launched their official forum so that we can get in touch with the Witcher community and to celebrate the feat, CD Projekt Red released three brand new screenshots of the game. Be prepared to feast your eyes on what might be the benchmark of detailed world and textures in the future. You can click the pictures to see it in all its glory

This picture shows a person being beaten by two masked thugs. Geralt reaches for his sword and we all know what coming for those thugs…..

The second screenshot shows the protagonist riding on his horse and looking at the pool of dead  (and headless bodies) with a beautiful structure visible in the background.witcher

The last image shows Geralt on horseback heading towards a village, which has just been burnt down by some mysterious men.


The graphics are breath-taking and i feel that you should be prepared to shell out some cash for a new graphics card as this game might need an upgrade and those visuals would definitely justify it.

The game is scheduled to be launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the second half of 2014. What do you make of these screenshots? Let us know in the comments!

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