Subsurface Circular Announced For Nintendo Switch, Out On March 1st

Mike Bithell is known for his work on Volume and Thomas Was Alone. His recent project is rather small in scope but otherwise a great game, and it is now playable for the first time on the Nintendo Switch. Subsurface Circular will launch for Nintendo Switch on March 1 for $5.99 USD through the Nintendo eShop. It has been previously released on Steam and iOS App Store.

“Nintendo Switch is an ideal platform for players to experience Subsurface Circular, a game perfectly suited to playing on an actual train,” said Mike Bithell, founder of Bithell Games. “Nintendo has displayed a commitment to the success of independent gaming on Nintendo Switch, and we’re thrilled to join their expanding library of games.”

The cheap price point should prove to be perfect for the Nintendo Switch that allows hybrid gaming, letting its user enjoy playing it on the big screen or on the go. Subsurface Circular port for the Nintendo Switch was handled by indie developer Ant Workshop.

“We have admired Mike’s work for a long time, and were thrilled at the opportunity to team up with Bithell Games to adapt the game onto Nintendo Switch,” said Anthony Gowland, founder of Ant Workshop. “We have a lot of love for the Switch at Ant Workshop, and wanted to make the most of the platform to bring Subsurface Circular’s thoughtful story to a new audience.”

You can get Subsurfae Circular for $5.99 once it launches for the Nintendo Switch on March 1st.

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