Sucker Punch On The World Of inFamous Second Son: “You Matter In That World”

inFamous Second Son is the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive from Sucker Punch. It is a open world super hero game, where we are presented with moral choices on how we want to deal with what’s happening in the world. Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox gives further insight on the world of inFamous: Second Son in a latest interview.

Speaking to VG247, Nate Fox explains how the power of PlayStation 4 has now allowed them to create a visually beautiful world full of civilians, that will react to the presence of Delsin.

“We’ve always said that the inFamous series is about an everyday guy who gets super powers and decides if he wants to use them for good or evil, “Fox continued, “and that’s still true in Second Son – except – we’ve tried even harder to make the world relatable, true and grounded so that these super powers are plausible, you believe in them. The game world does react to you. You make choices throughout the game with pretty serious consequences, so that serious choice and consequence theme is still there. You matter in that world.”

inFamous 1 and 2 were also famous for presenting their players with similar moral choices through out the game. These choices could result in either of the two endings of the game, which could be good or bad.


Nate Fox acknowledges that they used the trophy data from previous Infamous games to determine the choice of players and they are going to do the same with inFamous Second Son.

“We’re absolutely going to be looking at trophy data to see where we go next but I couldn’t tell you which trophies we’ll be looking at.”

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