Sucker Punch: We Haven’t Revealed All Of Delsin’s Powers; ‘Novelty’ Of Powers Will ‘Delight’ People

We have seen Smoke and Neon powers for Delsin so far but Sucker Punch is apparently hiding a couple more of them. According to Nate Fox, they are looking forward to delighting people with the ‘novelty’ of these powers.

In a latest interview to OPM, Nate Fox talks about inFamous: Second Son and their vision for the game. According to Nate Fox, the most important part of choosing new powers is to pick the one “that aren’t done to death and are also part of the urban landscape itself.” Expanding on this, Fox explains why they decided to make Delsin absorb the power of conduit into himself.

The two we’ve shown are smoke and neon. People are like, why did you do neon? And the truth is that it’s because nobody’s done neon. We have the freedom to show you things you’ve never seen before. And let you do things you’ve never seen on a comic book page or a movie. And that’s exciting as a game creator and as a player. There are powers we haven’t shown yet and we look forward to delighting people with the novelty of them.

So what other powers are still hidden? Water? Sand? That remains to be seen. Hopefully, it is something unique and not something that we have already seen in other games.


inFamous: Second Son recently got a brand new gameplay footage and previews from media. It is set to launch on 21st March, 2014 exclusively for the PS4.

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