Sucker Punch Might Utilize DualShock 4 LED Color For Powers, Shows Delsin Checking A Wall

Today, Sucker Punch have released a new screenshot showing Delsin checking a Wall. They also answered a bunch of questions asked by their fans.

When a fan approached them regarding the DualShock 4 LED usage – just like it happens with other games including Outlast – Sucker Punch were quick to confirm that they indeed have similar use in mind for the game.

So maybe, we might see the LED changing color depending on the power that we are equipped with e.g Orange for Fire and Purple for Neon.

They also seem to be happy with how they made Seattle in-game, and say that it will definitely evoke memories of the real-life Seattle.

They also released a new screenshot, which shows Delsin checking a wall.


inFamous: Second Son is set to launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4 this March. It will feature a new protagonist and a different storyline compared to the original inFamous series on the PlayStation 3. Sucker Punch have confirmed that there is no multiplayer and that players can easily jump into Second Son’s story without having to play the original games.

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