Sucker Punch Reveals The inFamous: Second Son Photo/Art Contest Winners: Creativity At Its Finest

When Photo Mode was added to inFamous: Second Son, plenty of users shared some pretty impressive looking screenshots of the game. There was a whole thread full of beautiful screenshots on gaming forum NeoGAF, and even the developers themselves acknowledged the effort of fans, even linking their screenshots in their portfolio and crediting them.

Sucker Punch recently held a couple of contests for inFamous: Second Son including an Art Contest. They have finally revealed the winners of these contests. Check them out below.

Art Contest Winners

1st Position @Kris_Ulanowsky


2nd Position @ShenaeGuzzardi


#SSPhoto, #PTPhoto #SSNeedle and #SSFanart Contest Winners

inFamous: Second Son photo mode really brought the creativity from everyone and put it to good use. We saw plenty of uses of it from others, and personally speaking, we would have choose other screenshots, but the developers themselves selected these ones so their opinions definitely carries some weight.

inFamous: Second Son was released on 21st March on the PS4. It ended up being the fastest selling inFamous title to date and also managed to be the best selling “next-gen” software in April NPD.

What do you think about these screenshots? Let us know in the comments below.

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