Sucker Punch on Infamous Second Son: Wants You To Feel Like Spider-Man When Cruising

InFamous Second Son is an upcoming open-world addition to the inFamous series and will debut on the PlayStation 4. inFamous Second Son has received positive response from the community and is set seven years after the events of inFamous 2.

Nate Fox from Sucker Punch productions had a talk with VG24/7’s Dave Cook and gave away some of the details circling around the game. From syncing trophy data from previous games to influence decisions to making the game more relatable to the real world, Sucker Punch is hard at work to deliver the ultimate experience on the PlayStation 4.


But that’s not all, Nate Fox also revealed that the studio took control cues from skateboarding games where the player has a smooth flow with the world by doing combos and tricks. He said that the studio incorporated such a control scheme for Delsin’s powers so that the players can feel and go with the flow in inFamous Second Son’s world. Nate Fox also stated that he wants the players to feel like they are Spider-Man when they are cruising through Sucker Punch’s imagined New York at fast speeds. There are certain powers that the developers don’t want to spoil pre-launch, so you can look forward to more powers other than Smoke and Neon ones that were showcased.

As much fun as that sounds and no doubt you’ll be having that much fun, you’ll also be hit by the moral decision making reality in the game from time to time where you will have to take responsibility for your actions.

InFamous Second Son will launch on March 21 on the PlayStation 4.

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