Sunset Overdrive For PC Listed On Steam Database, Was In Development For Several Months

Sunset Overdrive was rated for ESRB by PC and now a much more concrete evidence suggests a release date announcement might be due soon.

Sunset Overdrive was first leaked by a Korean rating board which listed the PC version. It was later further suggested by the leaked ESRB rating which again pointed towards the PC version. Now SteamDB, which keeps tracks of all the changes and updates to a game on Steam.

According to the SteamDB listing, Sunset Overdrive was originally planned for PC almost seven months ago. It wasn’t until recently that the game started to get frequent updates, and the ESRB rating suggests that the PC version is closer to release than what most expected from it.

Sunset Overdrive was developed by Insomniac Games but Microsoft has published the first game. It is not available on their Windows 10 store since it launched before the Play Anywhere initiative. The Steam release will make it the first time Sunset Overdrive will be available on PC.

Sunset Overdrive is currently available as an Xbox One exclusive published under Microsoft. If the game ever makes it to Steam, there is a good chance that the upcoming Xbox event could be the platform to announce it. As for the Steam version, it will likely be published by Microsoft as they have done with some of the past games.

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