Sunset Overdrive PC Ultra Setting vs. Xbox One Comparison

Sunset Overdrive is available now on PC after managing to end up as an Xbox One exclusive for close to four years. Here’s a comparison between the PC version on Ultra vs. Xbox One at 900p.

Sunset Overdrive was the first current generation game by Insomniac Games. It offers its own unique charm and set the precedent for them with Ratchet and Clank and Spider-Man. It wasn’t as successful as Microsoft hoped but it was still critically acclaimed and became a cult classic soon afterward.

Here is a comparison for Sunset Overdrive between the PC version running on Ultra settings and the Xbox One version at 900p. This comparison was done by YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits and you can view it below. He mentions that it is done on a PC running GTX 1060.

The PC version doesn’t seem to work that well with the keyboard and mouse setup. This is likely due to the game being made for a controller and the implementation for the PC version is hence likely an afterthought due to the late PC port.

The improved resolution helps hides a lot of the flaws from the Xbox One but the lack of anti-aliasing is a curious change that shouldn’t happen with the PC version. Regardless, it is a pretty decent port next to the Xbox One.

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