Sunset Overdrive Is Also Coming To Windows 10, Achievements Listed

Sunset Overdrive was recently leaked for PC through ESRB, then later spotted on Steam Database, and now it has been confirmed for Windows 10 as well.

Sunset Overdrive was originally released as an Xbox One exclusive that was never ported to any other platforms. It appears that this might change now since the achievements for the game have been listed and seem to point towards the Windows 10 version. It remains to be seen if any upgrades will be available or if this will be a straightforward port of the Xbox One version.

The achievements were seen on TrueAchievements which tracks all Xbox Game Achievements. You can see that there are a total of 80 achievements listed for it on the website.

Sunset Overdrive for PC hasn’t been officially announced by Microsoft, but it is possible that we will get an announcement at the upcoming Xbox X018 event that is scheduled for later this week. Microsoft has promised new announcements for that event including games and Xbox Game Pass reveals. Sunset Overdrive will possibly get an announcement for a PC version there as well.

Sunset Overdrive was developed by Insomniac Games and published by Microsoft. It launched in 2015 exclusively for the Xbox One and never received a sequel so far.

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