Super Mario 3D All-Stars Runs With Emulation On Nintendo Switch, Took 6 Months of Development Time

Super Mario 3D All-Stars has leaked on the internet and there have been plenty of new information on the state of this collection including details on its emualtion.

According to reputable Nintendo dataminer OatmealDome, this port of Super Mario 3D All-Stars is running an emulated version of the original Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. It is running a partial emulated version of Super Mario Galaxy.

Here is a summary of the details that have been uncovered from this massive datamine of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection.

  • Galaxy and Sunshine run under a Wii and GameCube emulator named “hagi”(?) possibly made by NERD (Nintendo of Europe division).
  • Mario 64 is running under an N64 emulator.
  • For Galaxy, they recompiled the original code to run natively on the Switch CPU, but everything else (GPU/Audio) is running in the emulator.
  • Shindou Pack ROM is used for Super Mario 64.
  • Texture, code, and text translation patches are applied on the fly (interestingly, first person camera has inverted controls vs original).
  • Possibly uses Vulkan API.
  • Sources within Nintendo are suggesting that Super Mario 3D All Stars development started in February / March of this year.

There were also trails of leftover codes from the WiiU Virtual Console that includes references to other Nintendo 64 games. As per OatmealDome, there is no reason to read too much into it.

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