Super Mario Maker – Upcoming patch to include Checkpoints and Event Courses

Nintendo has announced a new patch for Super Mario Maker that will add checkpoints and event courses to the game. The Wii U title has a massive advertising campaign behind it, and Nintendo has managed to sell over one million copies to date. With an increase in Super Mario Maker’s popularity, Nintendo has decided to bring new content to the game in order to keep it fresh and engaging. The patch will be released on November 4th and it will come with several other noteworthy changes.

The checkpoint flags will be added to the player’s arsenal and it will allow the player to gain more Forgiving levels. Moreover, a key change ability is introduced, which allows you to change the item that comes out of a question block. The item will be dependent on the size of Mario, however.


The Event Courses will also be included in the patch and will highlight all of the special courses in Super Mario Maker. Some of these special courses are made by Facebook employees, while the rest of them are created by Nintendo.

Super Mario Maker was launched exclusively for the Wii U earlier this year on September 11th. What are your thoughts on the content being introduced in the forthcoming patch? Let us know in the comments below.

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