Super Mario Odyssey Guide: Get All Amiibo Bonuses And Find Power Moons

Super Mario Odyssey is available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Just like it is the case with any of the first party Nintendo game, if you have collected Amiibo from the various games or the standalone version of them, you will be able to utilize them in Super Mario Odyssey. These Amiibo offer extra outfits in addition to various bonuses in the actual game and can even help you locate Power Moons in each Kingdom.

How To Get All Amiibo Outfits and Costumes In Super Mario Odyssey

If you want to see the outfits that can be unlocked with a specific Amiibo, you can check out this guide to read it in detail. Some of the outfits that are locked behind Amiibo include Diddy Kong Outfit, Warior Outfit and Bridal Outfit for Mario.

How To Find Power Moons Using Uncle Amiibo In Super Mario Odyssey

You can unlock Uncle Amiibo once you make a visit to Cascade Kingdom. He can be then located in each Kingdom near the Odyssey next to the Hint Toad. Talk with Uncle Amiibo to scan up to 3 Amiibo that will take a few minutes to search the Kingdom and find any Power Moons marking their location on the world map for you to find.

How To Use Amiibo Bonuses In Super Mario Odyssey

To use any of the available Amiibo bonus in the game, you will have to hold the right direction button and put the Amiibo on the NFC touchpoint.

  • Using any of the Browser Amiibo will highlight purple coins locations on the screen.
  • Using any of the Peach Amiibo will give Mario a Life-Up Heart.
  • Using any of the Mario Amiibo will make Mario invincible for 30 seconds in the game.

Super Mario Odyssey is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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