Super Mario Odyssey Gets New Costumes: Santa Claus And 8-Bit Mario

Super Mario Odyssey has received some costumes as part of a new update by Nintendo ahead of the holidays. Here’s how to get them in the game.

Super Mario Odyssey continues to get post-launch support from Nintendo despite releasing almost one year ago. The new update that is free to download adds two new costumes to the game: Santa Claus outfit and 8-Bit Mario costume. Both of these can be purchased in the game.

How To Get Super Mario Odyssey Santa Claus Mario and 8-Bit Mario Costumes

These two new costumes are bought at any shop that you can access and purchased through coins that have to be either farmed by Luigi’s Balloon World or by just playing the game. Here is what each costume will cost you in coins.

  • Santa Claus Mario (1500 coins)
  • 8-Bit Mario (9999 coins)

Here’s a look at these costumes in the game. The premium price of the 8-Bit Mario costume seems to be worth it if you can farm enough coins since it looks amazing.

Super Mario Odyssey is the first 3D Mario game released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It featured a unique mechanic with Mario’s hat offering him the ability to control and transform into the various creatures or objects that he can encounter throughout the game.

Super Mario Odyssey is available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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