First Super Mario Odyssey Review Gives It Perfect 10 Score

Super Mario Odyssey is arguably one of the most anticipated game for the Nintendo Switch. It oozes a lot of charm and personality and the usual Nintendo polish that makes it stand apart from other platformers. The game won’t be out until October 27th but Gaming Magazine Edge have already reviewed it after having early access to the full game.

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the rare games that has received a perfect 10 score from Edge Magazine. Only 20 games so far have managed to achieve this feat so Super Mario Odyssey getting this score is an accomplishment in itself.

The most recent games that has received a perfect 10 from Edge include Breath of the Wild and Bayonetta 2. All of these games were exclusive to Nintendo platforms so Mario Odyssey appears to continue the streak. The early impressions and previews so far are also overwhelming positive for the game so Nintendo appears to have another gem on their hand here.

Super Mario Odyssey is an open world Mario platformer with a unique mechanic in the form of the Hat that Mario can throw to control other objects. This lets the developer creatively use this concept to introduce new puzzles and platforming obstacles while the story is pretty standard for a Mario game but also makes it the first time the Italian plumber has made its way to the big city.

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