Super Mario Run Available For ‘Pre-Register’ On Android

Super Mario Run has been available on the iOS for a while now but it has yet to get a release on Android. While Nintendo hasn’t really announced any official release date for Android platforms, they have launched a store page for the game that lists the game available for pre-registration on Google’s Play Store.

If you are interested in registering for Super Mario Run’s release on the Google’s Play Store, you can check out this link. Once the game is available for release, you should be able to download it on your Android devices.

Super Mario Run is a brand new platformer from Nintendo that features their popular mascot, Mario. The game is initially free to download but will require the user to utilize IAP (in-app purchase) to unlock more levels. Nintendo has clearly marked the game as a free to download game but this only applies for the first couple of levels and a small portion of the Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder segment.

Super Mario Run set new download record Apple’s iOS Store and was one of the most downloaded game worldwide on its launch. It also managed to hit top grossing apps on the iOS store and so far has surpassed 40 million downloads worldwide.

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