Super Mario Run Hits 40 Million Downloads In 4 Days

On December 15th, Nintendo released a brand new mobile game called Super Mario Run. This is the first mobile game that Nintendo has ever released for smartphones.

We recently reported on the new mobile game hitting the 2.85 million downloads mark on its first day of release. The new platformer tripled Pokemon GO’s day-one downloads. This was an incredible achievement for the new mobile game, however, the game just keeps breaking one record after another.

Super Mario Run

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that the new mobile game has set a new milestone. Super Mario Run has hit 40 million downloads in just 4 days. In a press release from Nintendo, Apple’s Senior Vice President for Worldwide Marketing revealed that the game now holds the record for the fastest- downloaded game ever, on the App Store.

This is a huge achievement for Nintendo as most of the records that Super Mario Run broke were previously held by Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO was one of the most talked about games of 2016. The game generated millions of dollars in revenue for the developers, Niantic Labs. The augmented reality game generated over $600 million in just 3 months, and was the most popular mobile game in U.S history.

Super Mario Run Now Available On iPhone And iPad

After being available for less than a week, Nintendo released new content for the super popular mobile game. The developers added new decorations and a new building to the game’s Kingdom Builder game mode. The new content is now available for all the players.

Super Mario Run is now available on iOS devices, with the Android version set to be released in 2017.

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