Super Mario Run Triples Pokemon GO Day-One Downloads

Nintendo recently released their latest mobile game called Super Mario Run. The game features one of the most popular characters in the world of gaming. Super Mario Run is a simple, yet amazing platformer that stays true to the franchise.

Before the release of the game, analysts expected the game to be super popular. They expected the game to have around 1 million downloads on its first day of release, however, Super Mario Run went above and beyond everyone’s expectations.

On the day of release, Super Mario Run almost hit the 3 million downloads mark. The game almost tripled the amount of downloads Pokemon GO was able to achieve on its first day of release. Pokemon GO was downloaded 900,000 times, while the new platformer surpassed that number by a very large margin.

Super Mario Run was downloaded 2.85 million times on its first day, however, a comparison between Pokemon GO and Super Mario Run should not be made. On release, Pokemon GO was only available in three counties, however, Super Mario Run was released in over a hundred countries. Pokemon GO’s popularity also contributed to Super Mario Run’s success.

Regardless of its availability, the new platformer has some great achievements. Upon release, Pokemon GO was available for both Android and iOS devices, while Super Mario Run is only available on iOS devices for the time being. Pokemon GO was a free app, however, Super Mario Run will cost you $9.99 for the full game. Players can try out Super Mario Run before making the purchase, as the game is free to download, however, the full game can be unlocked by spending $9.99.

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All things considered, Pokemon GO paved the way for Super Mario Run. Pokemon GO’s achievements and popularity made developers focus more on mobile games. Analysts expect the game to hit 30 million downloads in its first month, which will earn Nintendo about $60 million. Super Mario Run is expected to be the next ‘Big Thing’ in the world of gaming.

Super Mario Run is developed by DeNA Co., Ltd and is published by Nintendo. The game is only available on iOS devices, with the Android version coming out in 2017.

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