Super Smash Bros Details have been Revealed!

Easily, one of the most anticipated games from Nintendo has finally put it self out in the open for everyone to see and scrutinize. Super Smash Bros. finally makes its return to relevance with new visuals, stages and characters. The Super Smash Bros. series usually comes once a console generation while taking its classic characters and using recent renditions of their designs from games they themselves have had been featured in recently. For example, the Link design from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was used in Brawl unlike the  the OoT design used in the original Smash Bros. and Melee, respectively. A total of 4 trailers are available to show new characters and nuances of the game.



The first is the announcement trailer that shows the game play of both the 3DS and Wii U versions. Also, it introduces a new character  from the Animal Crossing series called Villager but his move list is unclear. Based off the trailer, he has moves taken from his origin game such as, dropping a bowling ball, putting other characters in a ditch, dropping a flower pot while running, etc. Another huge power he has is his ability to items in the match, certain character specific projectiles and absorb them use them late at his will. Mr. Sakurai demonstrated this during his Developer Direct Video.


The next trailer reveals a character that fans of both Nintendo and Capcom have all but wanted. The idea that Mega Man would be able to fight against against Mario (and quite possibly sonic) in a four player, star studded slamfest has finally come fruition and the interwebs have lost their minds with excitement. The  blue bomber comes equipped with his signature blasts from his mega buster, but if things get really crazy, he can use powers from bosses that he’s defeated, just like in the Mega Man games of old. These powers include, Metal Blades from Metal Man that are projectiles that go for big damage and he can change the trajectory of it also. Crash Bombers from Crash man which is a bomb projectile that when it hits your opponent, sticks to them and explodes in a matter of seconds. A leaf shield from Wood Man which acts as a shield for Mega Man which can used as a slower projectile. Those are only few the weapons that Mega Man will have in his diverse arsenal.


Now for something completely different, the next trailer is a character announcement but not the one you were expecting. It’s the Wii Fit Trainer…girl…thing….? Yes, you read correctly, the newest to be added to the mix of smash is the Wii Fit Trainer avatar. To say we were all caught off guard by this would be an understatement. However, watching her trailer a few more times, I realize her quirkiness might a good “fit” (pun intended) for a game like this. Anyways, her play style revolves around yoga-esque fighting which is actually pretty cool looking. Her final smash is an array of  different yoga positions shot at other characters, not the most original idea ever. I feel like after the initial disappointment, people begin to see her and how much of a breath of fresh air she is.


Lastly, the final trailer is a ‘Developer Direct’ by the games producer, Mr. Sakurai. This delves deeper into the game nuances, differences between the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game character specific features and etc.

Super Smash Bros., for both Wii U and 3DS are due out in 2014.

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