Super Smash Bros. Direct Announcements and Info; New Wave of Amiibos Revealed

During the special Nintendo Direct featuring Super Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai revealed a lot of stuff coming in the future for the game. The Direct kicked off announcing a new character from the Fire Emblem, Roy, which was leaked yesterday along with Ryu from Street Fighter.

He’s very strong in close combat and has an awesome moveset. But the satr of the Direct, and the character that was announced at the end as a surprise(yeah…), was Ryu from Street Fighter. What is cool about Ryu is that he has 2(!) final smashes and that you can perform his iconic moves mashing the right buttons as you’d do in Street Fighter.

New stages were announced: Dream Land from Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo 64 and two other stages returning from that version. Then we have the Mii Stage featuring in the background the many messages shared on the Miiverse and last but not least, the Suzaku Castle which is Ryu’s stage.


Next, new costumes were revealed for Mii fighters from different franchises: Splatoon, MegaMan.Exe, MegaMan X, Virtua Fighter, Tekken and Animal Crossing.

And here’s the pricing for each costume:

Speaking of Mii fighters, a new wave of Mii fighters amiibo is coming this September and here is an image representing them:


As you can see, different amiibos were revealed today: R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch and Falco:


And if that’s not enough, Sakurai announced that EVERY Super Smash Bros. character will eventually become an amiibo, even Roy and Ryu:


In case you missed the direct, here’s the video containing the main information:

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”WWM-SCjIuNg”]

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