Super Smash Bros Ultimate Update Version 2.0.0 Patch Coming Next Week

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will get a new update version 2.0.0 next week. This is not officially announced but confirmed through a datamine of the game files.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already getting this major update so close to the release date raises a major question that what will be included in this update for Nintendo to release it so close to the launch. It seems to offer a major jump going from the last 1.2.1 straight to 2.0.0 in next week.

Since Nintendo hasn’t shared anything on it, there are not official Super Smash Bros Ultimate update version 2.0.0 patch notes available so far. Fans are speculating that this might be a major update based on the version alone, and it is also possible that it comes packed in with new free content.

If the update is huge enough, then we will likely hear about it in early next week before it is released for the Nintendo Switch.

At first, this was just a rumor but then later it was discovered by looking at the game files. The credit of this discovery goes to OatmealDome, who managed to find the image which you can see in the article. It is basically an in-game notification that shows up with any information and it lists Super Smash Bros Ultimate update 2.0.0 in it.

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