Super Smash Bros Ultimate: What are Spirits and How to get them

Super Smash Bros Ultimate introduces Spirits, special unplayable characters from participating games that grant your chosen character special bonuses. We’ll go over what these Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits are and how to get them in this guide.

What are Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits are characters from different games which help give your character various bonuses in battle. It’s really important to use a Spirit as Support in Smash Ultimate as going without one can really put you at a disadvantage.

Are Spirits Playable?

Spirits are unfortunately unplayable, which makes sense when you consider there are over 1,000 spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Spirit Types

Spirits come in two types in Smash Ultimate, Primary and Support.

You can equip anywhere from one to three Primary Spirits on your character depending on the spirit. These act similar to roshambo with the Spirits of three types, with each type being strong or weak to the one adjacent.

Support Spirits on the other hand grant you various bonuses.

How to get Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Select Spirits option from the Main Menu which will give you the option to choose between Adventure mode and Spirit Board. In Adventure Mode you can battle Spirits to unlock them to get them from treasure chests depending on your luck.

Spirit Board on the other hand focuses on timing, with the board full of tiles with different Spirits on them. Each title will disappear after a certain time period, which if you failed to reach will have you wait till it comes back. When you select a certain tile you are able to battle it, in which the Spirit of the tile will be obtainable.

Spirit Battles

The battles aren’t character versus character but instead a mini-game where you have to shoot the spirit through a barrier to unlock it. Its really fun and easy once you get the hang of it. It’ll feel like second nature after a while, especially when you have so many Spirits to Unlock.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate is out now on the Nintendo Switch.

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