The Surge 2 Confirmed For 2019

Action RPG The Surge is getting a sequel in 2019. The announcement of the sequel was made through the official a Facebook page that showed an artwork from the upcoming sequel with a 2019 release year.

The Surge was an action RPG that took inspiration from Dark Souls series. It featured the same high stakes combat with an emphasis on skills but tried to present the game in a sci-fic setting. While The Surge was a good game on its own, it wasn’t without its flaws. It unfortunately had little content to diversify leading to the environments and enemies offering a repetitive experience.

The Surge 2 is now announced for a 2019 release and it seems to feature the same sci-fic setting, although further details around it are still unknown at this point.

With larger and more ambitious level design, more brutal combat, and an expanded limb-targeting system, you’ll need the even larger arsenal and array of abilities to overcome the new enemies and bosses!

The Surge is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game also received an expansion called ‘A Walk in the Park’ that released back in December. This expansion added some new locations that were accessible through the main game and featured a different setting in the form of a theme park.

The Surge is developed by Deck 13, who are also working on the sequel for the game. Details about the game will be revealed soon so keep an eye on the update from the developers.

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