The System Shock Remake Now Has A Playable Demo On Steam

A few hours ago, Nightdive Studios launched the Kickstarter page for a “complete remake” of what is arguably one of the most influential games of our generation, System Shock, and to top it off they even released a playable demo that is now available on Steam.

Originally developed in 1994 by Looking Glass Technologies, System Shock was hailed as a genre defining breakthrough in terms of its gameplay and its ingame physics. Its success not only spawned a sequel, System Shock 2, which has made it into multiple “greatest games of all times” lists but it is also responsible for the original Deus EX and the original Bioshock, both of which are considered to be spiritual sequels to the game and are massively influential and successful in their own right.

The Kickstarter currently has a goal of $900,000 with 29 days to go but recent blunders such as the release of Mighty No. 9, another Kickstarter project, are raising concerns over whether it is plausible to invest in another project such as this. Luckily though, the demo itself seems to be getting good reviews and if it is any indication of how the full game could turn out then I doubt fans will have much to complain about.

To get a taste of the free demo yourself, check out the Steam page.

Huzaifah Durrani

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