System Update v4.01 Is Out Now For The PS4

A brand new system software update for the PlayStation 4 has now gone live, and it doesn’t really add much to the console.

System software version 4.01 generally improves system performance for the PlayStation 4, as well as increasing SharePlay and Remote Play functionality. The update itself is just around 300 MB in size.

The patch notes themselves are just two lines:

  • Improves the quality of the system performance.
  • Improves SharePlay and Remote Play functionality.

Update v4.01 was very unexpected, and speculation online has led many to assume that it might have been rolled out by Sony in order to prepare the console for the launch of PlayStation VR next week, although the company would have made an announcement if this was indeed the case.


Last month also saw the release of the most recent major update for the PlayStation 4, with the release of the System Software Update version 4.00. This update bought with it the ability to create folders, a new UI for managing downloads and controlling music playback among many other features.

PS4 System Software Update 4.00 Is Now Live, Changelog Detailed

If not much else, at least update v4.01 has resulted in some highly amusing “stability gifs” on NeoGAF. You can also check out the official PlayStation Community website for more info.

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