Tak Fujii, Manager and Producer at Konami announced that he has cancer

Tak Fujii has been an employee of Konami since 1997. He was initially an audio director which got him to work on voice over direction and localization of games for different regions. He rose to become an associate producer at Konami in 2008 and in 2009 became the manager and producer at Konami and holds the position since.

Tak Fujii announced on twitter that he has cancer and that the treatment has already started as of yesterday.

Fujii received recognition and attention from many gaming wesbites and forums after he did the presentation for Ninety-Nine Nights II. His style of deliverance, humor and the way he spoke English was appreciated by many who were watching the presentation and he became a hit on the internet.


Gamers have already started wishing Tak Fujii a strong and speedy recovery. From the staff of GearNuke, we also wish Tak Fujii a strong and EXTREMEEEEEEEEE fast recovery.

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