Take a Look at this Huge Swarm of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Boxes From One Amazon Depot in UK

There are just a few days left in the official launch of PlayStation 4 in the Europe. So while you wait, we have got some pictures of hundreds of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One boxes, stacked in one Amazon Depot in UK.

The workers can be seen carrying the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One boxes and there seems to be hundreds of them. This is just one single Amazon Depot, there are tons more throughout Europe.

So have you got your PlayStation 4 pre-ordered? In that case, you can try downloading the European firmware update from here, before the official launch. We recommend to download the firmware that matches your console region so don’t download any other region update.

The Xbox One has officially launched in UK last week but this shows new stock for it as well. While in real life, the consoles might be considered rivals, they can be seen pretty close to each other in these pictures.

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