Take a look at how Trophy Unlock Notification on PlayStation 4 compares to PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4 is just three weeks away from launch and the hype surrounding the console is never-ending. Trophies for many PlayStation 4 titles have already started syncing with the PlayStation Network. Trophies are a reward for the gamer, a pat on the back you can say, for their progress in the game. The difficulty of trophies varies from game to game, the higher the difficulty to achieve a trophy, the higher the value of the trophy earned. Curious to see how the trophy unlock notification looks like on the PlayStation 4 when compared to PlayStation 3?

With the PlayStation 4, the trophy unlock notification has seen major overhaul. This time, the trophy unlock notification appears from the top left side of the screen as opposed to the trophy unlock notification, which appeared on the top right side of the screen, on the PlayStation 3. Not only that but this time the effect for the trophy unlock notification on the PlayStation 4 is “slide and fade”. The notification “slides” in from the top left side of the screen and fades at the end while on the PlayStation 3, the trophy unlock notification was like a rounded rectangle bubble which didn’t have subtle fade in/out effect. And yes the iconic “ding” is present with PlayStation 4 trophy unlock notifications.

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4

We believe that the new and improved unlock notification looks were nifty and clean. What do you think of the new look of the trophy unlock notification? Let us know in the comments below.

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