Tales of Vesperia Might Be Getting Its Long Deserved Remaster – Rumor

Tales of Vesperia was the one of the first Tales of game to launch on the Xbox 360. It was released as an exclusive to the Xbox 360 in the Western markets and even though Bandai Namco later released the game with more content for the PS3, it was never localized and released in the West.

Fans have been quite vocal when it comes to asking for a remaster or localized release of the Tales of Vesperia PS3 version, which improved on the base game in a significant way. However there was never any announcement made for it even though Bandai Namco has acknowledged the demands of fans.

A new rumor now suggested that there is a remaster currently in development to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the game. This was discovered by Gematsu who have also found a password protected website that points towards the 10th anniversary and announcement for the remaster. Gematsu has stated that they have heard from multiple sources that an announcement for the remaster will happen at the upcoming E3 2018.

Tales of series is one the leading action RPG from Bandai Namco. They have released two brand new Tales of games so far this generation with Tales of Zesteria and Tales of Berseria. Recently, they have also trademarked a new title ‘Enterteria’ that likely points towards a brand new Tales of game.

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