Tearaway gets plenty of new footage at Eurogamer Expo

PlayStation VITA exclusive Tearaway was also present at Eurogamer Expo and there seems to be a lot of glorious new footage captured from the gameplay demo at  Eurogamer Expo.

Tearaway is the first PlayStation VITA exclusive from Little Big Planet’s developer Media Molecule. It’s graphics and art style are reminiscent of a paper-crafted world. It uses the VITA’s hardware specific features neatly to solve puzzles and introduce new gamepaly elements.

Below is a approx 40 minutes video that shows us the beautiful world of Tearaway and includes a lot of gameplay.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”OPk_kqHMXqs”]

In the demo, we can see that we have a choice of choosing either male or female lead character. The art style makes this game a treat to watch. We can see the game utilizing the front and back camera as well as the front and back touch to mimic certain gameplay elements. The use of the PlayStation VITA features don’t really feel forced or appear gimmicky as is the case with most titles.

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Tearaway was recently delayed from it’s original October 22 release date to November 22. Media Molecule apologized for the delay but explained that they wanted to ensure the maximum possible quality for this game.

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