Teaser In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Hints At New Game Announcement On May 9

Tom Clancy fans are waiting for a new entry in their franchise for a long time now. The last two games in the series were Ghost Recond Wildlands and Rainbow Six Siege. Fans have been waiting to see Splinter Cell make a return, and there have been numerous rumors about it so far but nothing official.

A new teaser has been spotted for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. This ties into an earlier teaser which made everyone expect a new announcement, but nothing was followed after it. There is hope now that this new update to the teaser might be something worthwhile.

It relates to a fictional organization called Skell Technology. As discovered by a YouTuber, it shows an invitation to an event called Skell Con, which will be held on May 9. It has been given a specific time which is set at 11:30 PDT / 14:30 EDT / 19:30 BST.

It can turn out to be nothing or a tease for a brand new Tom Clancy game, but we will have to wait for the announcement to find out. One thing is sure though, a new Splinter Cell game has been long overdue by now while Rainbow Six Siege and Ghost Recon Wildlands are still getting new content even now.

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