Techland: 60 fps is “absolutely doable” for Dying Light on PlayStation 4

Dying Light is the upcoming first-person, open world, survivor horror game from Techland, the creators of Dead Island series. It has a lot of similarities to Mirror’s Edge, mainly due to its use of Parkour movements in first-person. Dying Light’s designer Maciej Binkowski says that the final version of the game will ship with 60 fps and this is “absolutely doable”.

Dying Light is set in a huge open world and while we don’t know the resolution of the end game yet, we do know for certain that it will run at 60 fps on PlayStation 4(and Xbox One?). For a first-person game, 60 fps is pretty important so this is  definitely a good move on Techland’s part.

Speaking with Polygon, Dying Light’s Designer Maciej Binkowski also talked about the sharing feature of PlayStation 4, labeling it as his favorite feature on PlayStation 4. He also calls the certainty of running Dying Light at 60 fps “absolutely doable”.

Dying Light will be released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next year. We don’t know a specific release date or time frame for it yet.

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