Tekken Revolution to hit PSN on June 11th

In April, the Australian Classification board rated a new game called Tekken Revolution. This game will be released on PSN on June 11th, as shown during a Gamespot pre-E3 video. The game will be free-to-play.

You can see the 20 second teaser trailer here at the 19.30 mark.


Information regarding the game hasn’t been given as yet. Do note that there are chances that this game might be a competitive card game. Katsuhiro Harada previously stated that the title was a reference to a new version of Tekken Card Tournament. Only time will tell what it’s really about. I personally hope it’s a proper fighting game.

In my opinion, having a free-to-play Tekken game on PSN will be incredibly fun. It might not be a great game, but Tekken fans must be overjoyed to see this. Can’t say ‘no’ to free stuff, right?

Since the game will be out before E3, I doubt there’ll be any serious talk about it during the event by Namco.

We’ll keep you updated with more news regarding Tekken Revolution.

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