Tekken X Street Fighter Is In “Pending” Stage; Tekken 7 For Nintendo Switch Depends On Fan Demand

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada was recently asked about the development status of Tekken X Street Fighter along with a new season pass for Tekken 7. He also answered a question about the Nintendo Switch port for Tekken 7.

In a live stream for Kuro Kuro on Twitch (via), Harada gave some hope regarding Tekken X Street Fighter by again stressing that the game hasn’t canceled but it is in “pending” stage and the development is roughly 30% complete on it.

Regarding a potential Tekken 7 port for the Nintendo Switch, Harada gave the typical Bandai Namco reply and said that it all depends on the demand of fans. If there is an interest in a port, they will do it. So if you want Tekken 7 on Nintendo Switch, it is time to let Bandai Namco know about it.

Tekken 7 has started its season pass 2 with six brand new fighters that also includes guest characters like Negan from The Walking Dead. Harada was asked about a Season Pass 3 but he replied back that it depends on how well the sales are for this current Season Pass. They currently don’t have any plans to continue with another new Season Pass for Tekken 7.

Tekken X Street Fighter was originally announced back in 2010 along with Street Fighter X Tekken. While the latter has been released for a while now, the former has yet to get anything meaningful aside from some short teasers.

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