Tekken X Street Fighter Still ‘In Development’

In 2010, the Bandai Namco crossover fighter, Tekken X Street Fighter was announced. It’s been a long four years since then and many people might already have forgotten about the title but Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has not. Harada reassured that the game is still in development.


Fans of the game were quite concerned as they thought the game would turn out to be the next ‘The Last Guardian’. It seems that this is not the case as Harada clarified during a panel at the San Diego Comic Con, he further explained that the game is ‘proceeding’ and is ‘still in development’.

Between Tekken 7, Rise of Incarnates, Tekken Revolution and Soul Calibur: Lost Sword; finding space for TxSF is crucial, explained Harada.


In August 2013, Harada revealed that Bandai Namco was looking for the right time to release TxSF while stating that it was still in development. In his statement, he also elaborated that Capcom’s take on the crossover title; Street Fighter X Tekken, was one of the reason why TxSF lost some of its popularity and not much was heard regarding the game. Considering how much similar the titles are conceptually and in name, it makes plenty makes sense.

SFxT is not a recent release, so we might be able to get a peek at a new trailer, which should be after Namco Bandai finishes the new Smash Bros they’re working on.

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