Tell Nintendo what your plans are for Bravely Default Flying Fairy

Bravely Default Flying Fairy is just a couple of weeks away from release in the Americas and Nintendo wants to know what your plans are for the game. They have a pre-purchase survey up on their Club Nintendo site, which you might know from the codes inside the Nintendo console games you might have bought in the past.

Questions in the survey include questions such as:

“In your own words, tell us why you are interested in Bravely Default.”

“Are you planning to buy a game system in order to play Bravely Default?”

“When do you plan on buying Bravely Default?” (How soon after release)

“In what condition do you plan on buying Bravely Default?” (New/used/etc.)

Make sure to take the survey and Nintendo know what you think. We can certainly use more JRPGs like Bravely Default, after all no one wants another Operation Rainfall situation.

Thanks Siliconera.

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