Telltale’s episodic Batman releases digitally in August, physically in September

The director of Telltale has confirmed today, that their upcoming episodic Batman game will be released on mobile phones, PC and consoles this August. Next week, they will also release a ‘world premiere trailer’ which will reveal the exact release date for the game.

Telltale have also announced that they will make Batman available at physical retailers in North America on September 13, and in Europe on September 16. The physical edition will contain a season pass disc, which will allow players access to all five episodes of Batman. These episodes can be downloaded on each respective consoles as they become available. The physical games will be published for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, by Warner Bros.


Furthermore, Telltale have also confirmed a physical release for The Walking Dead Season 3, which will be out this year. Of course, following the usual pattern, the game should presumably be out digitally before physically, as was the case with previous Walking Dead games.


Telltale are also currently working on an unannounced Marvel game, and a second season for Game of Thrones.

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