TellTale Games Closing Studio, Cancelling All Projects To Finish Season 4 of The Walking Dead

In a shocking turn of events, TellTale Games has laid off almost a large number of their staff according to early reports and canceled all future projects while keeping just 25 developers onboard to finish the Season 4 of The Walking Dead.

Games Journalist Joe Parlock has painted a grim picture of what is currently going on at TellTale Games, stating that they were in financial troubles and didn’t get much success with their projects.

Okay, what I’m hearing from sources I trust is it’s a total closure due to bankruptcy. Skeleton crew is finishing off The Walking Dead, and then the whole thing will shut.

Everything else is cancelled. Only The Walking Dead is going ahead now.

TellTale had just announced a game based on Netflix’s Stranger Things, but from the early reports, it might have not gone as well as they had planned for it. Aside from that, they had officially announced a Season 2 for The Wolf Among Us and were working on the final season of The Walking Dead.

According to sources that reported to The Verge, currently, there are only 25 developers left at TellTale Games who will finish the last season of The Walking Dead. The second episode is planned to launch soon, however, there is no word on how things will continue for the series in the future.

Update: TellTale Games has now issued an official statement in a new tweet.

We at GearNuke wish the best to everyone that was laid off from TellTale Games today and hope that they land a new job successfully and without any issues.

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