TellTale Games’ Stranger Things Gameplay Footage Leaked

TellTale Games were working on a Stranger Things video game for Netflix and now its gameplay footage has leaked.

Stranger Things is one of the most popular TV Shows at Netflix and when it was announced that TellTale, who are known for their cinematic interactive games with their episodic format, was working on a deal with Netflix to get the series translated into a video game, many people welcomed it.

As it unfortunately happened, TellTale Games are closing down and they have now canceled all their upcoming projects which includes The Wolf Among Us Season 2 and Stranger Things. The Walking Dead Season 4 might see a conclusion though, and it was already half out by the time this news hit.

Now new gameplay videos from Stranger Things have started to make rounds online. They are leaked by anonymous sources and give us a glimpse on what could have been a brand new cool Strange Things video game. It carried a certain horror vibe as well and the visuals appear to be in TelllTale’s signature art but also fit the style of the show.

There is no sound in this video but you can notice that it felt like a typical TellTale Games project. There were Stealth elements added for the encounter with creatures from other dimensions visiting the world while you controlled one of the kids as they are sneaking around trying to avoid getting seen.

The good news is that while this game is canceled, Netflix is still committed to making a brand new game as they have told in a statement to Polygon.

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