Tequila Works’ RIME No Longer Sony Published Game, Might Go Multiplatform

Tequila Works has confirmed on their official Twitter account that they have acquired the rights their PlayStation exclusive RIME, originally revealed at Gamescom 2013. The game has been stuck in a development hell for a while as the news regarding its release were nowhere to be found.

Tequila Works has now taken it to Twitter to confirm that they now own the rights to develop and publish RIME.

This was further clarified in a press release sent to Game Reactor Spain which confirmed that Sony won’t be publishing the game now and it might be released on multiple platforms, now that Tequila Works is working on it independently.

Without further explanation , the announcement apparently involves separating the exclusive project environment PlayStation (Sony was the publisher until now ), implying an independent development and opening up the possibility to come out on other platforms outside PS4 .


RIME was revealed for the first time in 2013 and was later seen at Gamescom 2014 in a full blown gameplay trailer. The game was praised for its outstanding visuals and took inspiration from cult classics like Shadow of the Colossus. Unfortunately the game went back under the curtain after Gamescom 2014 and has yet to be seen in any form.

Now that Tequila Works has confirmed the ownership of the rights to RIME, maybe we will get to hear more about the game soon, including its potential platforms.

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