Terraria to hit mobile platforms this year

Terraria is an excellent open-world sandbox game that really hit big on the PC a few years back. This success was bound to spawn further use of the game and so a port to consoles was announced last year. The port was developed and published by 505 Games on both the PSN and Xbox Live earlier this year, the PSN release finally seeing a European and Australian release less than a month ago.

Like the PC version, the console launch was extremely successful, Terraria actually being the first game to knock Minecraft off of it’s perch on Xbox Live during its first week. This launch has led to further developments planned by 505 games. Later this year a Vita version, built with touchscreen controls in mind, will be released and then recently announced are mobile versions. The mobile versions, for phone and tablet, will be developed by Codeglue and are set to also be released later this year.


I have to admit, I love Terraria. I haven’t played it in a while though due to other games, work, life. Whatever reason really. I dare say that on release, if it’s going to come to Android then I’ll be buying it there. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that I take with me everywhere. I’m on the train every day to and from work so what better time to get a fix of more Terraria?

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