Terry Bogard Available Now for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

One of the most iconic fighting game characters of all time is now available for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Seemingly out of nowhere Masahiro Sakurai/Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director announced Terry Bogard’s release date and provided a breakdown of his moveset.

Terry Bogard is arguably the most recognizable character from SNK and easily one of the most popular. As he has appeared in over a dozen games, his moves, look, and story has varied over the years. In keeping Terry as faithful to his SNK roots as possible, Sakurai made sure that all of his signature moves made their way into the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

An interesting note pertaining to the execution of Terry’s moves is that they can also be performed with directional inputs. One example of this shown was Burning Knuckle. When the move was performed with directional inputs, it actually took on a different visual property that being a green tinge being was visible on the move.

In addition to Terry, a new King of Fighters-styled stage has been added along with dozens of musical tracks from the SNK library. Terry can be purchased now as stand-alone DLC or as part of the Ultimate Fighter’s Pass.

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