Tetris Effect Is Available Now On PS4, Watch The Launch Trailer

Tetris Effect is out now on the PS4. It is the brainchild of Tetsuya Mizuguchi, known for his work on Rez. The game is playable through PSVR.

Tetris Effect combines the magic of a traditional Tetris experience with Virtual Reality. It is a colorful game full of powerful explosions and amazing sound effects that are guaranteed to drop your jaws. The game is available as an exclusive for the PSVR and can be purchased through the PS4.

To celebrate this, the developers have released a launch trailer which you can view below.

Tetris Effect was developed by Enhance. Tetsuya Mizuguchi is the game director and it is his next major project after Rez. There is a lot of hype behind it because of his involvement and the game currently has opened to rave reviews from the critics. Our own review is currently in progress as well.

Tetris Effect is available through the PlayStation Store and can be bought for $39.99. The game requires PSVR so it is not possible to play it without it. If you want to get a killer PSVR app, then Tetris Effect seems like a good contender. Tetris Effect also has a playable demo available in the Store in case you want to try it before purchasing it for PSVR.

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